PSLE Oral Topics For Stimulus-Based Conversation


This online module prepares upper primary students for the Stimulus-Based Conversation section of PSLE English Paper 4: Oral Communication. This section carries a substantial 10% weightage.


A student equipped with the right answering techniques coupled with ample preparation can be expected to score well. Our proprietary “APRICOT” model is designed to help your child generate ideas quickly and craft his or her responses in a systematic manner.


We have put together a series of lessons for your child to know the types of questions which WILL definitely be asked, the things that examiners look out for and how our “APRICOT” model works for ALL types of questions. At the end of this online module, we have 5 Stimulus-Based Conversation topics which are modelled after actual PSLE English Oral Exam topics. Sample responses based on our “APRICOT” model are provided to demonstrate the use of this model.

According to the PSLE examination objectives, candidates are assessed on their ability to give a personal response to a visual stimulus and engage in a conversation on a relevant topic.

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Module Content

In this module, your child will get access to the following:
1. PSLE Assessment Objectives

2. What Do Examiners Look Out For
(i) Lesson 1: Language
(ii) Lesson 2: Personal Response
(iii) Lesson 3: Engagement In Conversation

3. Types Of Questions

4. The APRICOT Model

5. Stimulus-Based Conversation Topics (Modelled After PSLE Exam Topics)
(i) Attending A Talk
(ii) Hobbies
(iii) Picky Eater
(iv) Classroom Rules
(v) Saying No To Single-Use Plastic Bags


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